Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Online Entertainment to Be Taxed in Rahmaland (Including NetFlix)

Sadly, this evil move will become a trend.

Douglas Ernst at The Washington Times explains:
Chicago officials have found a way to tax “the cloud.”

Digital media companies and Chicagoans will now be slapped with a 9 percent “cloud tax” on streaming services, including popular entertainment outlets such as Netflix, through which city officials aim to generate $12 million. Collections will begin Sept. 1.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the city sees part of its “cloud tax” as an extension of its longstanding “amusement tax” — a kind of levy that many cities and other taxing jurisdictions collect. Amusement taxes typically target theater or concert tickets and live sporting events, but Chicago apparently would be among the first cities — and certainly the biggest — to rule that “digital entertainment” enjoyed in the home is covered.

“In an environment in which technologies and emerging industries evolve quickly, the city periodically issues rulings that clarify the application of existing laws to these technologies and industries,” mayoral spokeswoman Elizabeth Langsdorf said in a statement.

Meanwhile, in Rhamaland, during the Fourth of July weekend, 64 were shot and 10 killed.

That's how Rahm's city rolls. If Chicagoans really wanted to improve the city, they would stop the entertainment tax and pass a law that would put Rahm in jail for 30 days every time a person is shot in his city.


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