Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Paging Mark Thornton: Let's See You Work This Into Your Skyscraper Theory

Australia is building a curvy skyscraper inspired by Beyoncé.

Slate explains:
Australian architecture firm Elenberg Fraser has designed a 68-story mixed-use skyscraper in Melbourne whose curvaceous form is inspired by the undulating curves of the fabric-wrapped dancing bodies in BeyoncĂ©’s music video “Ghost.”

According to a press release by the architectural firm, the building’s “spiralling curves recall the twists and turns of a woman dancing in black cloth.” The design is “the culmination of our significant research into how to best work with individual site and climatic constraints, brought together using our new parametric modelling technique.” 

“The complex form—a vertical cantilever—is actually the most effective way to redistribute the building’s mass,” they write, “giving the best results in terms of structural dispersion, frequency oscillation and wind requirements.”

Note: Mark Thornton discusses his Skyscraper Theory here.


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