Friday, July 24, 2015

What the Lefty Elite Really Think About Uber

They think, it should be regulated and taxed and that it is an indication that "new social and regulatory policies, often global in nature, that embody a new social contract for the twenty-first century" are required.

Very scary stuff from Kemal DerviĊŸ at the Brookings Institute.



  1. I can't believe people are still using the vacuous term 'social contract' these days.

  2. Thats the blind dinosaur making clueless observations about an economic dynamic he really doesnt understand.

  3. Uber a "threat to democracy."

    Uber IS democracy. It's funny, the "conservatives" are supposedly "conserving" things. And the "Progressives" are progressing.

    Just doesn't seem so in this Uber deal. Uber is definitely progressing. So, why are all of the Progressives against it?

    Just like the Progressives are all for the Export/Import bank. That crony capitalism POS.

    Good thing the Government schools have made everyone so stupid; for the Progressives, anyway.

  4. You know what I find pretty interesting about all the "pro" Uber comments on this site?

    On one hand..... everyone complains about government/Fed intervention in the markets and then on the other they use Uber as some free market example. Uber may be a fine service but ITS MARKET POWER to expand/thrive is a function of its VALUATION which is directly correlated to the Fed easy money machinations(bubble economics). Kind of in contrast to what everyone here supposedly espouses, no?

    Without its insane valuation and series of "pegged up" capital raises and money to absorb/buy political clout (Emmanuel/ Ploufe, cronyism,etc) would it be progressing at all? Kind of hypocritical, no?