Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cuba Turns To Cloud Seeding Amid El Nino-Triggered Drought

Cuba announced Friday that it will employ cloud seeding to artificially induce rain in areas hit by the Caribbean island nation's worst drought in years. State newspaper Granma reported that the country will deploy a Russian Yak-40 aircraft in September to increase precipitation in areas that feed into the Cauto River. The Cauto is the country’s main source of water for reservoirs, reports the International Business Times.

"The period from January up to the present has been the driest in terms of precipitation since 1901," Argelio Fernandez, infrastructure head at Cuba’s state-run waterworks, told the Granma.

"The drought is everyone's problem and so every state entity has to ... create a plan immediately," Chapman Waught, head of Cuba’s waterworks, told Reuters earlier this month, in a typical socialist, central planning perspective that has made Cuba one of the the poorest countries in the Caribbean.

Drought conditions have hit several other Caribbean islands, including Costa Rica, due to the weather phenomenon known as El Nino, a warming of Pacific waters that affects wind patterns.



  1. What an interesting confluence of events. A hundred year type drought for the past year and no land falling hurricanes in the past seven years, all blamed on an "El Nino" that seems to have only affected the Caribbean. Now we see an outright disclosure of State run weather modification involving spraying aerosolized chemicals into the air to "seed the clouds." All in the same year Cuba "normalizes" relations with the U.S.

    1. The El Nino affected the Pacific as well. Severely, I might add.

  2. [aka Stargazer] I think the remnants of TS Erika just solved their drought problem...big time!

  3. Why are we not doing this in the US??????