Monday, August 24, 2015

How Big is Uber?

It's a monster.


  1. I am really surprised how few taxis are in Los Angeles, a city I would think would require a lot of taxis. Does the government restrict the number of taxis there?

    I am a little less surprised about San Francisco, the government probably want people to rid share bicycles.

  2. Uber is a great experiment in entrepreneurism and I hope it succeeds. My concern is that it has exposed the black market in gypsy cabs that always existed by creating an efficient logistics app for existing iphones. Now this black market is part of the visible market and it will be easier for government to tax and regulate. Uber may provide more value to the traveling public and if so I hope they can prevent the government from stealing this increased value.

  3. Can someone tell me why Uber doesn't have permits from the taxi and limousine commission, but yet they don't get raided? How did they pull that trick? I think some government entity is behind them. Please give me your opinion.