Monday, August 31, 2015

How to Adjust a $1,449 Herman Miller Pre-Assembled “Embody” Chair

Gary North is a genius economist and marketer, He recently bought a top of the line, Herman Miller "Embody" chair for $1,449.00

See that, you don't get to buy a $1,449.00 chair unless you are very good at what you do. He is good. What kind of chair are you sitting in?

That said, Dr. North had trouble adjusting his $1,449.00 chair:

They sent it. I unpacked it and sat in it. I was sitting as low as the chair allowed. So, I tried to raise the seat. No go. The little button that is supposed to raise the seat does nothing.
I brought in my wife, who is a true fix-it lady. No go.
There is a little instruction booklet, but there is no YouTube video on how to adjust the chair to the user’s size and shape. Yet these adjustments are crucial features in the marketing of this chair. It has been around since 2008. 
I contacted the company.
He titled a post about this:  My $1,449 Herman Miller Pre-Assembled “Embody” Chair Did Not Work. Perhaps he was not in a good mood when he wrote the post, given all the work he had to do to get his chair in adjustable shape.

But my post headline is going to attract much more traffic than his. (This is something, as I say, it is rare you beat Dr. North at marketing.Though, I am not sure he was even thinking marketing when he wrote his post.)

I don't do it often, but when I write a "how to" post, it is about a problem that I believe others have, and where I don't believe there is an easy way to find solution by a Google search.

(NOTE: Since this is a blog mostly about economics, I am justifying this post as an object lesson on scattered knowledge and how knowledge is a source of profit. I'm talking about a lesson in pure entrepreneurship, baby!)

In November last year, I wrote this post, How to Install Your SIM Card In An Amazon Fire Phone.

I still generate income from this post everyday. Everyday! Amazingly, I even sell Fire Phones, through the Amazon link regularly, even though the link itself is only to Amazon Fire accessories.

I thought this would be a big hit: How to Call Forward Calls as an ATT Customer, but so far it is only "okay."

But this Herman Miller how to post could be big. As Dr. North notes, there is no readily available information on the internet about how to adjust the chair that can be found by search. And it is such a high ticket item, anyone who comes to this post has the potential to click on some very high tickets ads. Yes!

So here goes for those of you trying to adjust a Herman Miller chair:

Here's the video on how to adjust the chair:

And for those of you that absolutely need one of these chairs, now that you are aware of it, I say, go for it. Click here:



  1. @RW,

    Let's say I link to amazon thru your site and put some things in my "basket". Then a week later I go directly into Amazon and check out. Do you still get the commission?

  2. Tut tut. Gary's already had a heart attack. He's had his friendly warning from the Grim Reaper.  As the new catchphrase goes, sitting is the new smoking. Why don't you do your sedentary readers a favour and link to an expensive stand-up desk with accompanying treadmill? As a satisfied user myself I could provide you a link. It's in your economic interest to keep your readers alive -- dead Austrians don't click on your blog links. 

  3. The most supremely comfortable chair I've ever sat in was the Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair & ottoman.

    It was a close's an old design but they nailed it.

    The "Embody" looks like it's focused towards being a work seems like a sensible purchase by North in my opinion given his "job".

  4. RW - thanks for the real time lesson in internet economics. Income streams abound!

  5. I play in band with some serious musicians. These are intelligent, high-functioning people. Trying to get them to think in terms of marketing and entrpreneurship is like pulling teeth. Sometimes I wish I played hip-hop because those guys at least have respect for the hustle.