Friday, August 28, 2015

IT'S HERE The Ultimate Minimum Wage Attack: A Totally Robotic Restaurant

Not surprising, it is being launched in San Francisco, the land where Janet Yellen pumps money daily and which has one of the highest minimum wages in the country.

Therese Poletti writes  (my bold):
I must admit that I fully expected to dislike Eatsa, a new restaurant slated to open next week in San Francisco with a sleek, 21st Century take on the famous Horn & Hardart Automat...

Eatsa now is looking to become the modern-day equivalent....driven by 21st century technology. Customers place their orders on touch-screen iPads or iPhones. No humans take your order or serve you; a half-a-dozen or so people are preparing orders on an automated assembly line behind the scenes. And in minutes your name appears on a food cubbie with your order, a $7 quinoa bowl.

But instead of being horrified, this nearly robotized fast-food restaurant stole my vegetarian heart. Eatsa’s co-founders have ambitious and seemingly virtuous goals: they want to serve healthy food faster and cheaper — and give their items the sort of crave-ability factor that sends you to the refrigerator late at night. “Healthy food does not have that crave-ability,” said Scott Drummond, co-founder of Eatsa....

Eatsa executives did not disclose much about the technology, except to say it is data-, science-, and software driven. The company will use automation as much as possible to keep costs lower, and the team spent more than a year on scientific research and taste-testing to create the menu.



  1. If you are counting on the left wingers to make the connection, forget it. As conservatives we tend to think along the lines of individuals and how they could be impacted. The left thinks along the lines of groups and accepts that some individuals will need to be harmed for what they feel is the good of the group. Their goal is not to have every low skilled worker earning more money, but instead they want an economy where there is no such thing as a job that does not pay below what they define as the minimum standard of living. If that means millions of low wage workers end up out of work, so be it. They'll just tell you that they can get government assistance to be retained. I always get a laugh out of the left's idea that they are somehow compassionate. They are as cold as ice. How else could one be knowing that your policies will harm even one person?

  2. Yay \o/

    We're getting $15/hr.........WOOOHOOOOO!!!!

    Wait................I'm WHAT?!?!?!!

  3. Really like the atmosphere of the place. It has the all of the charm of a hospital wing.

    It looks like its out of an old Onion story. The one about the fast food restaurant who was going to cut costs by using a hose to fill customer mouths with food.

  4. I heard of a place called Deborah in Amsterdam that seems to be similar.