Saturday, August 8, 2015

Larry Kudlow on Trump Protectionism

Kudlow writes:

And then there's Donald Trump. As I wrote a week ago, his 2011 book highlighted supply-side policies such as slashing personal tax rates and abolishing the corporate tax. There was no mention of these in the debate. Instead, Trump continued to rail against China and Mexico and generally the rest of the world.

This has protectionism written all over it. Mexico is our second-leading export market. China is our second-biggest trading partner. A 35-percent tariff, which Trump has hinted at in the past, would be a gigantic tax hike, setting off a global trade war and doing incalculable damage to our economy. We don't need another Smoot-Hawley. Trump should have been asked about this by the debate moderators. Unfortunately, the subject of trade never came up.


  1. Yet conservatives say that Trump supports the free market. Give me a break

    1. Kudlow supported Cash For Clunkers. Enough said!!!

  2. Trump does advocate protectionist policies which as you say are anti free market and unproductive. Yet some in the GOP establishment are fierce supporters of similar crony capitalist govt. subsidies for favored constituents and contributors! Blame Fox News's hatchet job, yellow journalism style for issues not covered. I doubt that they'll change anything because the audience that watched the mud slinging fest was the largest ever to watch a primary debate.

  3. Larry “Let’s Do Another Line of Blow” Kudlow supported “Cash For Clunkers”. He’s just another Republican Wall Street Money Printing Crook claiming to be conservative!