Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Safest Places to Conceal Money While Traveling

By Lily Hay Newman

When it comes to keeping your financial instruments secure while traveling, things are a lot better than they used to be. Stolen credit or debit cards can be canceled and reissued with a fairly quick phone call, and banks are increasingly sophisticated regarding fraud monitoring and recovery. But there are lots of places where having cash is still necessary—and having all of it stolen in one go by a skilled pickpocket could be a serious problem or even dangerous. What’s the best way to keep cash secure during a trot around the globe?

Store your money in many different places—but don’t feel compelled to use standard money belts. When traveling there’s always a balance between wanting to carry as little cash as possible and potentially needing a lot if ATMs are scarce or unreliable. Distributing currency around your body and bag is the best way to prevent a single incident from wiping you out. Soft zip-top pouches or hidden cloth pockets sewn into travel clothing are ideal ways to keep cash in multiple places. Additionally, experts suggest unexpected and hard-to-access storage strategies when traveling in particularly dodgy areas, such as stashing a few bills between the insole and bottom of a shoe.

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  1. Friend and I were robbed in Amsterdam. The perp busted a wine bottle and held it to my friend's throat. Where did he check for the cash? The money belt.