Sunday, August 9, 2015

Top Bankster Economist: A Financial Crisis is Going to Hit Another Country (And the country is going to be a surprise)

Anne Krueger (81), a former first deputy managing director of the IMF and ex-chief economist of the World Bank, is now a consultant to Puerto Rico, a US territory that recently failed to make payments on some of its obligations.

She is also a professor of international economics at Johns Hopkins University and, it has recently emerged, she wrote the official report on Puerto Rico's debt problems.

Most fascinating, she has long advocated that governments should be allowed to file for bankruptcy, in the same manner that corporations and individuals now can.

Notes FT, "[she] is in demand from government officials, central bankers and academics. All of them want to hear from her how the foundations that underpin global debt might be transformed to help indebted countries, without the system being wrecked."

During an interview with FT, without going into details, she warned:
[T]here will be a next crisis, though where it comes from is likely going to take everyone by surprise.


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  1. If the banksters are admitting a crash is coming - which they deliberately orchestrated - that can only mean one thing: they have amassed sufficient wealth and placed their finances strategically to thrive through the storm. Now they feel comfortable letting it start.