Monday, August 17, 2015

Uber Lowers Drunk Driving Arrests in S.F.–Dramatically

Let's see the taxi oligarchy try to spin this.

There were only two drunken driving arrests last New Year’s Eve in San Francisco, the lowest since 2009, according to crime statistics from the San Francisco Police Department provided to the Ferenstein Wire, reports Bretbart.

The recent data comes on the heels of a new study revealing that the introduction of Uber’s low-cost service, UberX, reduces drunk driving deaths all over California.

“Economically, results indicate that the entrance of Uber X results in a 3.6%-5.6% decrease in the rate of motor vehicle homicides per quarter in the state of California. With more than 13k deaths occurring nationally each year due to alcohol related car crashes at a cost of 37 billion dollars, results indicate that a complete implementation of Uber X would create a public welfare net of over 1.3 billion to American taxpayers and save roughly 500 lives annually,” wrote the team.


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  1. Come on Robert, there's an easy spin on this one. Think of all the revenue the state will miss out on collecting from the arrested drunk drivers. Uber is, essentially, stealing from the state. If the state's drunk driving revenue goes down, the state will be forced to write more traffic tickets to make up the shortfall. Therefore... Uber will be responsible for that next traffic ticket Joe Public gets issued. It's all Uber's fault.

    P.S. Next time you're talking with a taxi driver, please let them know I'm available for consulting - at reasonable rates.