Monday, September 14, 2015

Die Paul Krugman Show

Paul Krugman has posted this at his blog, and I am sure he is happy to be thought of this way, but he is just an apologist for the Merkel-Obama-Draghi show, and is run by the same puppeteers.



  1. I wonder whether he has translation of the sub-heading. It translates to something like this: "The mightiest economist of the world, his theses his errors."

  2. All hail the mighty Krugman! He's the only one who saw the deflation coming.... QE4 is coming, Mr Wenzel, in one form or another!! And Krugman saw it all many many years ago. If only we have listened to the puppet-masters :(

    "…Japan is still caught in an economic trap. Persistent deflation has created a society in which people hoard cash, making it hard for policy to respond when bad things happen, which is why the businesspeople I’ve been talking to here are terrified about the possible spillover from China’s troubles."

  3. If these leaders are taking economic advice from a politainment blog in the NYT, they are far more reckless than I ever imagined.