Monday, September 14, 2015

Is Capitalism Immoral?


  1. Even if capitalism resulted in slightly less economic growth, I'd still pick the non aggression principle. I value that for itself, not just because it results in a more prosperous economy.

  2. Ending/reducing Capitalism ends with two results:
    1. Less jealousy.
    2. More hunger.

    I'll keep my jealousy. It is a key reason why I am working so hard to develop my own business.

    1. Actually, the experience of living under socialism shows that jealousy only grows under it. In fact, it turns murderous, as tens of thousands of Soviet citizens denounced their neighbors and colleagues to the NKVD and later KGB in order to take over the bigger apartments or cushier jobs left after their occupants were arrested and sent to the camps.

  3. is this moral?

    Time to write Congress! Please tell members of Congress we need their help.

    The FDA has communicated with Hope NOW that they will NOT utilize AAP for ALS. Please see sample letter attached.
    Untitled document

    Your terminally ill constituents need your help. has learned in its FDA meetings that the FDA will not utilize the Accelerated Approval Program (AAP) for ALS based on a little-known technicality called "surrogate endpoints". With a fast moving fatal disease there is no need for su…

  4. I was loving this until the pitch for limited government. What a catastrophic, hypocritical, self-contradictory implosion to an otherwise brilliant video. Otherwise, I would have forwarded this to others.

    Come back to us when you don't try to legitimize aggression, Walter. P.S. Apply the same argument you pitched to us about the power of voluntary trade and free markets to whatever services you think your limited government must provide via violent monopoly.

    If I were the liberal this video is aimed at I would retort that if its great to have government do certain essential things (limited powers), let's add to that list of essential things feeding the poor, educating the children, regulating the economy, etc. Are these not essential? Of course they are. What a fail of argumentation.