Sunday, September 6, 2015

G-20 Countries Issue Statement Vowing to Refrain From Currency Depreciation

Pretending as though it isn't a race to the bottom for most of the G-20 currencies,the Group on Saturday renewed their pledge to avoid depreciating their currencies.

“We will refrain from competitive devaluations and will resist all forms of protectionism,” G-20 finance ministers and central bankers said in their communiqué following two days of talks in Turkey.



  1. What a coinkydink.
    Migrant/Invader crisis from Turkey.
    G-20 meets in Turkey.

  2. It's the right move, but it will defund their central planning as real price discovery crashes the artificially propped up sectors of the economy.

  3. The government "vowing" not to do something is a pretty good bet that they are getting ready to do that something.

  4. In the photo, they are practicing for the upcoming game of 'Currency Devaluation Musical Chairs.' You do not want to be the only one standing, i.e., who did not preemptively or retaliatatively print.

  5. Typical 'rumor not confirmed until officially denied'.