Sunday, September 27, 2015

How Soon After the Wedding Can I Start Collecting Social Security Benefits?

Here  an intro youtube clip discussing how to get your money back from the government.

Larry Kotlikoff discusses Social Security benefits and some techniques on how to get more back.

Note: I am not sure waiting makes sense for everyone if they don't have enough hedge investments against price inflation outside of SS. If a person does, though, it may make sense for a person to employ these techniques and think of the eventual draw-down as the cash part of a portfolio.

BTW, Kotlikoff is very good on the overall debt crisis. I interviewed him about it in November 2013:


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  1. This confusing and difficult choice of taking benefits early or late is what happens when government runs a retirement program. SS is not an insurance program it is a Ponzi scheme. I agree that it won't cut benefits dramatically but waiting simply benefits the schemers and when you die there are no death benefits from the lifetime of taxes you paid. If you live long medicare will take care of health costs although long-term nursing care could be a problem. A problem made worse by the inflated costs of medical care due to programs like medicare and government monopolization regulation. On the other hand some like Isabelle Paterson refuse to receive SS or medicare payments. They want no part of the Ponzi scheme and the theft it represents. Although we don't get to chose when we are born we can chose when to die and save those closest to us from witnessing a long enfeebling existence.