Thursday, September 10, 2015

Michigan Nonprofit Restaurant Falls to an Increase in the Minimum Wage

(ht Mark Perry)


  1. How sad. Guess they didn't raise it enough, huh?

  2. This is great material but its only going to entrench the feelings of those that understand and care about the individual impact of having a minimum wage. Your average left winger will tell you that they totally expect casualties like this but that overall the higher wage is good for workers. And honestly, they really don't mind throwing some people under the bus to benefit others. The left cares more about policy wins than the actual results of the policy. In their view the higher wage is a "stick in the eye" of the evil stingy capitalists and CEO's whom they blame for their wretched lives. When they read a story about a business laying off workers due to the higher wages, they don't see their policies as the reason but instead greed. Remember, most of these people will never have the nerve or motivation to risk their own capital and start a business that employs people by the standards they demand of others. In their view, businesses just create themselves, like magic, and then evil CEO's come in and exploit the workers for their own gain. Its a simplistic almost child like view of the world, but to them its a reality.

  3. Labour unions in Germany announced today ( and several politicians agreed) that there absolutely must be a minimum wage for refugees.
    It's amazing that the left lectures people on racism

  4. I believe you are correct as far as leftist activists and academics go. However, the typical (whatever that means) uninformed voter could be swayed by this. They usually haven't spent much, if any, time thinking about the issue and just presume what the media says is true.

    You will not convert a fanatic with logic. You may educate the merely uninformed, though.