Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Elite-Directed, Government-Subsidized Mass Immigration Into the U.S. and Europe

Dale Steinreich  has absolutely the best analysis of the current immigration crises in the United States and Europe.

It appears to be driven by elitist socialist (of one brand or another)/internationalist utopians. The libertarian historian Ralph Raico  may have not been off the mark when he wrote:
 Merkel is out of her mind welcoming 800,000 of them to Germany, unless she’s remaining true to the ‘internationalism’ of her East German roots.

The must read Steinreich piece is here.



  1. For the USA, it's the final nail in the, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" coffin. It all began in 1913 with the FED and the progressive income tax. Now it's death by illegals. Last American citizen carry out the flag please.

  2. The only question is why the elite is doing this. Are they just clueless lefties or are they purposefully trying to destroy civilization with malice aforethought?

    I note that the MSM NEVER mention the mass slaughter and death which Obama and his wars have caused. You also have to blame the U.S. voters for this state of affairs. No matter how many wars Obama starts and no matter how many 3rd world people he slaughters, he's still seen as a peace loving tree-hugger. As such, he's beloved by the Democrats but hated by the Republicans as a Muslim-loving peace-nik who won't aggressively engage the Jihad. And both groups are totally immune to facts and/or argument.

    Consistent with this analysis, I suspect that Justin Amash felt he had to oppose the Iran deal because his voter base simply cannot process the undisputed fact that Iran does not even have a nuclear weapons program. Since last year I inadvertently became a member of a Facebook group of Michigan Republicans. Remember the screenshot of the Israeli editorial that called for genocide of the Palestinians? I posted it and these folks "liked" it. These were the people that Rand Paul thought he could co-opt. Right.

    1. "Are they just clueless lefties or are they purposefully trying to destroy civilization with malice aforethought? "

      I don't buy the conspiracy tripe that they're intentionally "out to destroy civilization". If they did how would they continue to collect $3.1 TRILLION in taxes every year? Too many special interest groups would lose WAY too much money. Besides, it's just politicians trying to milk the system while they're in it. So they sell themselves to the highest special interest bidder and hope everything doesn't fall apart while they're raping taxpayers.

      It's simple really. They're just all out for themselves. Is this really surprising to people? Who else would get into government except those who wish to live off of others like a parasite? It's the greatest gig in the world if you can get it (but cowardly and evil). Live it up while everyone else pays the bill.