Saturday, September 12, 2015

VIDEO: El Niño Growing In The Pacific Right Now May Be The Biggest Ever

This video from the visualization lab of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (an association of more than 100 colleges that runs the National Center for Atmospheric Research) ) compares the “historic”  1997-1998 El Niño to the one that’s forming now, showing their growth side by side. Watching the two events next to each other, the video’s creator says, “I was a little shocked just how closely 2015 resembles 1997 visually.”

“While it’s too early to say if the current El Niño will live up to the hype,” says a blog post from UCAR introducing the video, it is gearing up to be one of the strongest of these weather phenomena in history, and could even be stronger than its legendary 1997-1998 predecessor.

(via Curbed Los Angeles)

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