Monday, October 5, 2015

A Picture from Outside Ludwig von Mises' Vienna Apartment

Government debt analyst superb, Marc Joffe, recently visited Vienna, Austria and emails:
My wife (Charo) and I visited Salzburg and Vienna last month.  She is a huge Mozart fan so a lot of time was devoted to visiting various Mozart museums operating in apartments he occupied at different stages of his short life.  In Vienna, I noticed and we visited the Sigmund Freud residence. It had a lot of interesting information about Freud’s departure for London after the Anschluss (he was obliged to pay a departure tax equal to about a third of his 600k Euro in assets evidencing the fact that the Nazis were thieves as well as killers).

These visits to homes of Austria’s famous led me to wonder about the von Mises residence(s). Attached is a picture of the entry to his home at Wollzeile 24, which according to this article, was his home from 1912 until his departure from Vienna. It’s in a nice touristy neighborhood not far from the Mozart Museum.

The door looks like it could date back to 1912 or before, so maybe our hero touched the knob. Unfortunately, there is no commemorative plaque or any evidence that von Mises occupied the place.  Given the fact that his work has inspired numerous Institutes, I wonder whether more should be done to document his life in his home town.


P.S. – I also tried to check out the Austrian Economics Center at Jasomirgottstrasse 3 Unit 11 – not far from the von Mises residence.  Ringing a buzzer labeled “Dr. Barbara Kolm” did not yield a response on a Friday afternoon.

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  1. He wasn't well-liked in academia for his classical liberal views. Man it seems like everybody just loves big government.