Monday, October 26, 2015

Murray Sabrin: ‘Big Cancer’ and How the Pharmaceutical Industry Affects Treatment

Dr. Murray Sabrin of Ramapo College discusses the “big business” behind breast cancer. This is a brief clip from the show.

I am going to ask Murray to join me on the Robert Wenzel Show for a full interview.



  1. I have often suspected there's more to "Breast Cancer Awareness" month than people simply wearing pink out of the goodness of their hearts. First of all, EVERYONE IS AWARE of breast cancer - donning a pink ribbon isn't going to help the masses in that regard. We see the NFL very heavily promote breast cancer awareness by utilizing pink in different articles of clothing. We see it on billboards, in magazines, TV commercials, etc... I would be interested in hearing Dr. Sabrin's opinion of how big money is being made as a result of the whole "breast cancer awareness" racket.

  2. Cancer is an example of the US gunvernment declaration of war on something causing more of it.
    Deciding to go against your doctors is difficult. I have done so for non-life threatening issues with good results. For someone facing cancer it would be very scary go against convention.

    Doctors solutions are based on their training and the prevailing medical communities treatments. As all EPJ regulars know the medical industry is laced with gunvernment bureaucracy and cronyism. Your health is too important to leave it all in their hands.

    If I were to be diagnosed with cancer I would not submit myself to chemo or radiation; surgery may be an option. Further investigation is needed but at this point I would opt for the Dr. Richard Gonzalez therapy. I do some of this now for prevention and general health.