Monday, October 5, 2015

Punishing Cash: US ATM Withdrawal Fees Soar To All Time High

With the world's central planners (and their status quo hugging cronies) calling for cash bans, the soaring costs of getting one's own money appears to be a quiet form of capital control creeping up on the distracted American publi, notes Tyler Durden.

WSJ reports:
The average cost for using an automated teller machine that isn’t tied to a customer’s bank rose to a record $4.52 per transaction over the past year, according to a survey from data provider Bankrate Inc. that will be released Monday.

In Atlanta and New York, the average “out-of-network” cost tops $5 and can rise to as much as $8 in some places under certain circumstances, Bankrate said.

The new average rate reflects an increase of 21% over the past five years.

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  1. That's why I always like to have about $100 in 20's and small bills in my wallet at all times (along with keeping extra cash at home).

    It amazes me how many people I know never carry cash anymore.