Sunday, November 15, 2015

44% of Democrats Think the Socialist Won Lat Night's Debate

We're doomed.

Democrats who watched the party’s presidential candidates debate on Saturday night thought that. Bernie Sanders won the event, according to a Google survey, reports WSJ.

 Sanders was declared the winner by 44% of Democratic primary voters who watched the nationally televised debate, with 32% choosing Hillary Clinton and 2% picking the third candidate onstage, Martin O’Malley, a former Maryland governor.

The survey, conducted for The Wall Street Journal by Google Consumer Surveys, polled 836 Democratic primary voters by displaying questions to people who visit a set of online news and entertainment websites.



  1. It doesn't really matter. The fix is in for Hillary. She will be the next President. Although I can't imagine how many drugs and meds they are going to have to keep her pumped up with to drag her across the finish line.

  2. Not that she's any better but Sander's has no chance given the Democratic party's voting rules. The super delegate system seems tilted heavily toward whoever can dole out the most favors.

  3. Well, when your only choice is a warmongering corporate fascist oligarch or a crabby old democratic socialist promising free everything, I guess it's not surprising 44% of Demodrones prefer the latter.

  4. Robert, you keep calling Bernie Sanders a socialist but is he really a hard-core Marxist? Seems like he just wants to model the US after Sweden who everyone thinks is a "Socialist" country but there is still plenty of private enterprise in Sweden (or any of the other Scandinavian countries). It seems to me he is just confused about what to call himself so he just says Democratic Socialist because it sounds cool. I doubt he knows much about the inner workings of Marxism (or any other "ism" for that matter).