Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Carson: Doesn't Rule Out Keeping Yellen as Fed Chair

 Ben Carson just dropped 18 notches in my ranking of the presidential candidates. After  the debate, Carson told Neil Cavuto  that Janet Yellen "is a wonderful person."

 “Janet Yellen is a wonderful person, I’ve known her for many years," Carson told the Fox Business host, saying that he is "not necessarily ... saying one way or the other."

 Yellen and Carson, both Yale alumni, served together on the university's board, the Yale Corporation.

 Meeting with Cavuto shortly after Carson, Donald Trump said it would be "very unlikely" that he would keep Yellen on, but cautioned that it's too early to say one way or the other.

Ted Cruz is clearly winning when it comes to positions on the Fed.


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  1. Bottom line is that Carson is just another affirmative action presidential candidate.