Sunday, November 29, 2015

Clinton to Unveil Large Economic Spending Proposal in Boston

Welcome to the world of the crony Clintons and how the associated scams are promoted to rhe masses.

At a Sunday event at Faneuil Hall in Boston, Hillary Clinton will be joined by Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, a Democrat, to launch a ‘‘Hard Hats for Hillary’’ coalition group consisting of unionized supporters in construction, building, and transportation industries, campaign aides said.

At the event Hillary will unveil the largest plank of her economic agenda, proposing hundreds of billions of dollars in spending, primarily on infrastructure projects, according to a campaign aide, reports The Boston Globe.

Over the course of several weeks, she plans to outline the remainder of her crony payoff "jobs" plan, which calls for spending in manufacturing, clean energy, and research funding.

The proposals constitute the largest amount of spending that the campaign has outlined thus far, exceeding the $350 billion that Clinton has proposed for a college affordability plan.

And note this gift to the crony part of Wall Street;

Clinton’s plan proposes the creation of an infrastructure bank to leverage hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign and domestic private investment for infrastructure projects.

No doubt to fund "private investment" by banksters and to be managed for stiff fees by banksters.


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  1. Boston, home of the boondoggle known as the "Big Dig" is a great place to do this in.

    The tunnels are still leaking.