Friday, November 20, 2015

Doanld Trump and Paul Krugman

Although Paul Krugman attacks Donald Trump fairly regularly at his blog, the two share many common views when it comes to economics, especially insane economics.

Krugman would like to see a collapse of the dollar as does Trump.

During the Munk Debate in 2011, Krugman had this to say:
When the world loves the U.S. dollar that is not helping us. We want a weak dollar. 
More recently, Trump indicated he wanted a weaker dollar by saying that the Chinese yuan was undervalued relative to the dollar:
 [T]he worst of China’s sins is not its theft of intellectual property. It is the wanton manipulation of China’s currency..Economists estimate that the yuan is undervalued anywhere from 15% to 40%. 
Trump appears to have no understanding  of economics, especially when it comes to global trade, but what  are we to think about Krugman, who is an economist and holds such an absurd Trumpian view?



  1. The Chinese are stealing a ton of intellectual property.

  2. Funny how no nation has ever made their currency strong relative to their trading partners in order to boost economic growth.

  3. The thing is that Trump's economic policies might be bad but they'll be over in 4-8 years (and he'll at least be good on things like getting rid of stupid regulations & environmentalist bullshit.) But someone like Rand Paul whose economic policies would be better would also legalize the millions of Latino illegal immigrants who vote leftist and not do anything to change the 1965 immigration act so that even if the economy was good during his term it's a given it would eventually be bad once the immigration makes the electorate permanently leftist. And there would be no hope of it ever getting better