Thursday, November 12, 2015

Economists Overwhelmingly Expect Fed to Raise Interest Rates in December

There is near-unanimous agreement among Keynesian economists surveyed that the Federal Reserve will begin raising short-term interest rates next month after holding them near zero for seven years.

About 92% of the business and academic economists polled by The Wall Street Journal in recent days said they expected the Fed to raise its benchmark federal-funds rate at its Dec. 15-16 policy meeting.



  1. Thanks for the tip RW-
    I'll file this one under 'in favor of a December surprise'. I'm just not seeing it happen unless doing so is just another move designed and planned for to achieve objectives which are not even remotely democratic in any credible sense.
    This has all either been very impressively well planned, or (more likely) just the most astonishingly moronic and pathetic general failure (in scale) ever to befall the human species.

  2. A majority of Austrian economists have been warning that there will be a major financial collapse before the end of 2015 and raising interest rates would def make that prediction come true.