Friday, November 13, 2015

Student Wants Free College

An exchange with Neil Cavuto.


(ht Jay Stephenson)


  1. Kelly would do well to visit in order to receive a proper education on economics as opposed to the emotion-based argumentation she currently utilizes as the foundation for her erroneous beliefs.

  2. I don't see a problem with providing free education. I believe it's plausible. We would have to make a few accounting changes like taking education out of the hands of the government, ending welfare to illegal immigrants, ending wars of aggression, eliminating the Federal Reserve and start printing backed currency without having to pay interest, and cutting 99.9% of government programs. But I think it's very possible. In fact, do all those things and not only could we have free education, but we could probably end hunger and homelessness in the US at he same time. Just say'in.

    1. Just what we need. More jackoffs with useless degrees having wasted four plus productive years of their adult lives.

      How about we get back to a point where only the truly deserving go the college, not all those wanting to party it up and put off adulthood?

      As always, only the free market can sort this out.

  3. I see that exchange and see a young woman who has the courage and spunk to effect change. Unfortunately, she is a product of the failed system she most desperately wants to expand. What she needs that's "free" is a scholarship to the Mises Institute. Shes got the guts, now she needs the truth.

  4. I don't think it takes any guts to wield the gun of the state to steal for you.
    She's a thief.
    Well like yeah, I mean, why should I have to work when other people already have?
    People like her worry me a lot more than ISIS ever will.
    I also like the threat, "without education there will be no innovation,".

  5. I'll add to what she said, "education is really the only way to have innovation ",(I watched it again).
    I wish Cavuto would have challenged her on this point. How many innovators have we seen in the last 2 centuries that didn't have a formal university education? These students act like the world needs them to survive.
    Guess what, we don't. I personally know quite a lot of folks who are very successful and innovative who never went to "higher" education.