Friday, November 13, 2015

How to Secretly Carry $1 Million writes:
The new Bond movie, Spectre, is brazen in its product placement, with brands such as Aston Martin, Belvedere, and Tom Ford starring in the film alongside actor Daniel Craig. But in the real world, that kind of conspicuous consumption could draw unwanted attention to an agent on a mission. That’s the idea behind the 1M Hauly Heist, a bag specifically designed for transporting $1 million in cash—discreetly.
Designed by SDR Traveller, a brand that focuses on inconspicuous travel, the Hauly is a radio frequency (RF) shielding pouch that costs $720, which shouldn’t faze a person with a cool million in their carry-on.



  1. Yeah, like a huge block of RF shielding won't flag the X-Ray lady. She may not know what it is, but she sure as hell will want a look-see.
    Maybe bearer bonds in a file folder would be preferable?

  2. 'Secretly"......reallly??? LOL

    If its conspicuous it certainly won't remain secret for long to those eyes of the TSA who want to know.