Friday, November 13, 2015

McDonald's Self-Serve Kiosks Hit Utah

Michael Keeney emails:

I was out tonight with my wife and daughters to run a few errands.  On the way home, we stopped at a McDonald's near where I live in North Ogden, Utah.  Imagine my surprise to see self-order kiosks at this particular restaurant, being that we typically don't see the issues with protesters demanding $15/hour to work a McDonalds.

While my kids and I found the kiosks interesting and amusing, it took much longer to order with one of these than it would have with a regular cashier (which was also available).

Anyway, just thought you might find it interesting that these things are showing up in places outside of what I refer to as "unemployment zones" where some folks are demanding a minimum wage of at least $15.



  1. Of course they show up outside unemployment zones. Their largest cost is fixed upfront hardware and software development. Marginal cost per unit to deploy are low. Once the artificial elevation of labor prices in NY and CA makes them cost effective to develop at all, they then are cost effective to roll out everywhere. Just a little gift from the NY and CA minimum wage movement to workers everywhere else.

  2. They're being introduced in Poland as well. Here it's not so much due to the minimum wage, but the ridiculous payroll taxes.

  3. Soon you will place your order on your phone before you leave your house, and have your favorites set up as one click selections. The rate of job loss will be painful to watch.