Wednesday, November 4, 2015

More From Yellen on the Possibility of a Rate Hike

YELLEN ON RATES: Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D., N.Y.) goes for the will-you-raise-rates-in-December question.
Ms. Yellen says, “at this point, I see the U.S. economy as performing well.” She notes solid domestic spending despite weak trade performance.
And she’s ticking off the key points from the last Federal Open Market Committee statement. She says “it could be appropriate” to raise rates next month of the data cooperates. But she stresses the committee has not made a decision.
It’s a very careful recitation of the Fed’s prior statements here, with Ms. Yellen reading reading from notes, but keeps the door wide open for a December rate increase.


  1. Not going to happen. In Poker: Yellen is bluffing...and Robert it looks like you and the rest of the crowd is not only calling her bluff, but he's sees her call and raises.

    We'll see what cards you all had come December.

  2. Did you see that Zerohedge is reporting Yellen as saying negative rates are on the table "if outlooked worsened"?

    I find it interesting that you post articles from Zerohedge that support your opinion of a future rate increase but never post articles that refute your claims.

    I have said it since 2009 Robert, there will be no rate increase anytime soon.


  3. So I am supposed to post articles I disagree with?

    EPJ is about giving my perspective. I can't think of a web site that I reference where I don't disagree with some of their thinking, Am I just supposed to just throw up any insanity out there?

    1. It would be an opportunity for you to editorialize on why you disagree. You do that sometimes, I think. I would definitely like to hear your opinion on why the ZH negative rates post is wrong or, especially if you think it's "insane."

    2. Wenzel actually covers it in today's EPJ Daily Alert

    3. Hmmm... The new thing seems to be to hide support/rationales for the more controversial calls behind the paywall. Interesting business model. I wish him well with it. I'll stick with yelling from the cheap seats....;)