Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Smoking Gun Tapes Released By Wikileaks: Relating to Corruption in the Bush and Obama Administrations

WikiLeaks has released 30 hours of audio recordings related to a disability program at the center of what it says is a multi-billion-dollar corruption scandal.

The whistleblowing organization published the secret tapes and transcripts of conversations that took place between 2013 and 2014 , exposing details of the federal investigation into the non-profit agency SourceAmerica.

The recordings appear to provide evidence of fraud within the administrations of George Bush and Barack Obama, with appointees to both presidents allegedly misappropriating funds in a government programme called AbilityOne.

The programme is the largest employment programme for disabled people in the US, funneling $2.3 billion a year through SourceAmerica to more than 1,000 designated partner organizations.

The tapes, which are still being analyzed by IBTimes UK, allegedly show that almost half of the funds go to defence contractors and major corporations rather than disabled people.

"It is alleged that nearly half of the $2.3 billion a year does not go to the severely disabled, but is rorted by pushing the money to corruptly favored placement organisations that recruit the able bodied or the mildly disabled instead of the mandated 75% severely disabled," WikiLeaks said in a statement released with the recordings.

"The result is billions in taxpayer-funded Labour subsidies and increased profits for the placement organisations."



  1. And... crickets. $2.3 billion, isn't that like one hour of .gov deficit spending these days? The looting continues.

  2. Here we go again: Drop drawers, grab your ankles.