Sunday, November 8, 2015

William Boyes on What They Teach Graduate Students in Economics

Anyone considering graduate school, especially in economics, should listen to this.



  1. @ 5:00 yep. That's what happened to me! I once argued with a professor why we would need a special parameter in a model to see whether or not a certain firm is a monopoly, when we can just ask the question, "is this the only firm I can buy good/service X from?" We don't have to estimate! Like, what? Econ in the higher echelons is filled with nothing but blackboard junkies, interested in solving their equations (that are arbitrary) instead of looking at the real world.

  2. I started a masters program in Econ. I quit after the summer math course intended to warm us up for the fall semester. I could do the math, but it was just incredibly boring. No one ever talked about *ideas*. Very disappointing. Maybe I should have given it more of a chance, after wasting money on that stupid math course, I didn't want to risk wasting even more.