Saturday, December 12, 2015

Travelers Will Soon Be Able to Fly in Glass Bubbles on Top of Jets

File under: Free market innovation is great.

Passengers on business jets may soon have a new option for passing the time on long flights — a glass-enclosed SkyDeck installed at the top of the fuselage that would provide 360-degree views of the outside world. Two comfortable seats are accessed by either a staircase or an elevator, and once the passengers are aloft, the seats can be rotated to take in the view in any direction. The concept was developed by Windspeed Technologies, based in Everett, Wash., an experienced aerospace engineering firm. The company has been working on the specifications for more than a year, and have filed a patent application, according to the Robb Report,

The SkyDeck can be installed on private jets as a VIP amenity or as a pay-per-view feature on passenger airliners.

(ht Business Insider)

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