Sunday, December 13, 2015

Treasury Will Delay Announcement of Which Woman Will Be Placed on the $10 Bill

The Treasury Department will delay until 2016 the announcement of which woman will be selected for the redesigned $10 bill "after an unexpectedly large volume of public feedback prompted officials to extend their months long review, a spokeswoman said Friday, " according to WSJ.



  1. Article stated that women complained about it being the $10 bill, not the $20 bill. If offered the twenty, they'd complain it isn't the fifty. If offered the fifty, "why not the hundred, you sexist pigs?" If offered the hundred: "Is one hundred the best you can do? Size matters, you sexist pigs!"

    Ten bucks says Obama Admin puts Margaret Sanger on the money.

  2. I think they should put "Air Force Amy" on the $10 bill for reasons too numerous to list.

  3. That the masses are so infatuated with this meaningless "debate" as opposed to actual monetary issues - the role of the Fed in boom-bust cycles and the importance of sound money - gives the well connected bankers and establishment cronies relief that their job security is in order. Not to imply that we should look to politicians for answers, but I fear that the lack of a true libertarian educator in this election cycle has stalled progress - and made the cronies that much happier.

  4. Caitlyn!!!!
    Oh wait, she should be on the three dollar bill.