Friday, December 25, 2015

We've Been Having Extreme Weather But It's "The Wrong Type of Extremes" for the CO2 Story

Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn writes:
The recent weather extremes come from wild temperaure and air-mass contrasts driven by the wild fluctuations in the jet stream. These are characteristic of the wild Jet stream Age (Mini-IceAge for some at times) we are now in as predicted by WeatherAction due to generally low solar activity. 
This type of weather is the OPPOSITE to the predictions of the CO2 theory which necessitates a more poleward jet stream, generally warm temperate zone summers and mild winters across the world and LESS extreme variations NOT more. The CO2 warmist claim that recent extremes somehow verify their theory is a lie. They knew from our warnings 7 years ago that this would happen (not the hot dry summmers and mild no-snow winters they predicted) and decided to just claim everything that happens confirms their fraudulent theory. The UN IPPC Climate Operation is POLITICS not science.

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