Saturday, December 19, 2015

Where Are You Shopping?

 The FRED Blog looks at sales by type of store since 1992.

The St Louis Fed writes:
When it comes to shopping, Americans have many options: the corner store, the supermarket, the specialty store, the “big box,” online, and more. [Below], we committed a graphing sin by displaying 12 different series in a single graph to show how retail trade has evolved across various categories. 
Signs can be seen over the past two and a half decades: First, while food and beverage stores (supermarkets, convenience stores) were major destinations in the past, they have been joined by general merchandise stores, typically large suburban big box stores. A very volatile bunch are the gasoline stations, which sell mostly one commodity with a very variable price. Finally, one category seems to be steadily overtaking the others: mail-order and online shops (the line in black).

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