Saturday, January 23, 2016

At Davos: A Malthusian Garbage Bag Forecast

The neo-Malthusians, after Malthus' embarrassing incorrect forecast of general over-population, are now moving on to forecast garbage bag over population.

Privatize the oceans!



  1. Privatizing would be nice, but you get to that "My neighbor's BBQ smoke drifts into my kitchen" thing. Tough to enforce.
    As an aside, if you eliminated Trinidad and the Dominican Republic (in theory), you'd eliminate 90% of the plastic crap on Caribbean and Bahamian beaches.

  2. Sure, privatizing could an answer, but it depends on the way it is privatized. For example, someone might buy a patch of ocean as a dumping ground. Sure that unwanted rubbish would float over to other patches of ocean but that is no problem right? Because when GMO producers do this it is totally libertarian and free market.