Monday, January 18, 2016

CRASH Koch Brothers Offer to Pay $1.50 per Barrel for North Dakota Sour Crude

Bloomberg reports:
Oil is so plentiful and cheap in the U.S. that at least one buyer says it would pay almost nothing to take a certain type of low-quality crude.
Flint Hills Resources LLC, the refining arm of billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch’s industrial empire, said it offered to pay $1.50 a barrel Friday for North Dakota Sour, a high-sulfur grade of crude, according to a corrected list of prices posted on its website Monday...The crude is down from $13.50 a barrel a year ago and $47.60 in January 2014...

I am telling my EPJ Daily Alert subscribers to be on the same side at the Koch brothers: Buy oil stocks aggressively at these cheap prices.


  1. Good luck to anyone buying oil right now. You're going to need it.

  2. Once the Saudis are successful at destroying the American oil industry - with the help of the Obama administration - expect oil to skyrocket again.