Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Donald Trump on Eminent Domain

Not exactly a private property society guy.


  1. RW: Not exactly a private property society guy.

    Hmm... I wonder.

    In the PPS, couldn't Trump buy all the property around the lady's house and then starve her out by not allowing her to leave and not allowing food delivery, utility service, water, etc? He could post a sign, "Trespassers will be shot" to give fair warning. This seems like a plausible situation in the PPS and Trump seems like the kind of guy who would do it.

  2. Make America Great Again....by stealing your property

  3. Is this somewhat akin to bringing someone up in your airplane and then forcing them to "get off your property!" i.e. "jump out"? Did you force ethics to jump out the window in your particular PPS utopia too?

    Your boogeyman's actions have forced this lady into a hypothetical state of total dependance. If the boogeyman "starves" his dependent he is the unjust agressor in the situation and violent defense may be used to coerce him from his position.

    I suspect "businessmen" like this would have a very short existence if people were able to render just defense without interference from a captured policing force.

    Not to mention the unlikely situation of all road, plumbing, electricity, air traffic and other private utility providers abandoning a customer like that by selling their ownership stakes to some jerk.

  4. This is one of the areas where Trump is vulnerable but, which nominee, of either party, has the credibility to raise the issue?
    Just yesterday I heard Trump address the Eminent Domain against "the widow" and completely missed the mark. Trump does not differentiate between public use (I know, I know) and private. I hope Trump gets questioned on his view on Kelo v. City of New London.

  5. I will admit to being a Trump fan, but there is no getting around that he says some pretty disturbing things sometimes. Such as outlined here. Also, he is apparently all-in on the "climate change" scam. But then so are Bernie and Hillary. I don't know about Cruz.

    1. Cruz is definitely not on the global warming/climate change bandwagon. He is pretty amusing here grilling the Sierra Club President (who makes himself out to be a fool): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl9-tY1oZNw