Saturday, January 2, 2016

Not the Way Banksters Do It

A San Francisco bay area man was arrested for armed robbery because he posed for Snapchat selfie with a victim.

NBC Bay Area has the details:
The bizarre incident occurred Wednesday at Lovers Point Park in Pacific Grove, police said. Victor Almanza-Martinez, 18, of Castroville, and two other men approached four victims and allegedly robbed them of their belongings, including keys to a 2013 black Chrysler 200.

The suspects fled in the Chrysler, which is still missing, but not before Almanza-Martinez and one of the female victims exchanged Snapchat information and posed for a selfie together, police said.

The selfie was apparently a break in the case, police said, adding that it helped them track down Almanza-Martinez.

The suspect was subsequently arrested and charged with armed robbery, kidnapping, possession of stolen property, conspiracy, violation of probation and gang enhancements. Almanza-Martinez is being held at the Monterey County Jail with bail set at $170,000.

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  1. are criminals that desperate that they would stoop to stealing a Chrysler 200? You can just imagine their crime boss "are you stupid? Was your father born in El Salavdor? those gabachos are probably ecstatic because they can get something else now and we are stuck with that turd"