Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Explosive Change Occurring in the San Francisco Real Estate Market (More Powerful Than an Earthquake)

Business Insider's Andrew Stern does an excellent job of reporting on what is going on in San Francisco on the real estate front.

He shows all views, or I should say all the central planning views (That's all there is)---including some of the problems with many current interventionist real estate laws..

There is nothing in the documentary, however, that indicates that artists, and middle class apartment dwellers, being displaced will simply find new communities to live in, which they will. It's not like artists are going to disappear.

Artists traditionally live on the edges of bustling cities becasue they can never afford the rents at the center of a city.

The technology boom in the Silicon Corridor combined with Federal Reserve money printing is causing a boom and expansion of the high rent core of SF. This is urban economics 101. Change happens, but apparently even artists hate change--if it is change beyond that splashed on a canvas.



  1. I am a musician in the bay area and this is all anyone talks about. "Obnoxious techie money is driving all the hip artists out of SF."

    With all the changes to the music biz, there's one business model musicians refuse to abandon: whining.

  2. Indeed this is an explosive that is killing people’s money and surely it is more powerful than earthquake. Just hope for good rates and wish that Real Estate market will increase.