Monday, February 15, 2016

FASCINATING Prescott Bush Interview

Grandpa Bush sure appears to have had a lot more on the ball than Jeb.

In the below 1953 interview, for whatever it is worth, Preston Bush comes out in favor of higher interest rates to fight inflation.

He also has some interesting comments on eminent domain, which I am sure Trump can twist to use to his advantage.

There is definitely a sharpness and  energy gene that wasn't passed along to George H.W., George W. and Jeb, that grandpa had.



  1. And his history supplying the Nazi Reich till 1945 with oil!!

  2. YES he got caught helping the Nazi! That family has a lot of Scull & Bones in their closet!!!

  3. Prescott should have built support for Germany to help Germany expose the duplicity of England and FDR. The world would be far better off if Germany was left alone.