Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gov. Cuomo Touring NY in Special RV to Push for $15 Minimum Wage

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is hitting the road today in an RV specially-designed to promote his push to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The "Drive for $15" tour will start in Manhattan with stops in the Bronx and Long Island. The idea is to take the RV across the state in coming weeks to try to drum up support for his minimum wage plan, a Cuomo aide said, according to the New York Daily News.

Of curse, minimum wage laws benefits unions and costs jobs of low-skilled workers, so it is no surprise that today's events will feature labor leaders George Gresham, Peter Ward and Mario Cilento.

The RV is being paid for by the Mario Cuomo Campaign for Economic Justice, which has raised money, including from unions supporting the higher minimum wage. The current rate is $9 an hour.



  1. If that shows up in my area when Im on one of my days off, Ill see if I can film it and ask questions to both participants and if Cuomo himself takes questions.

    1. Ask him if he has any figures as to how many black teenagers will not be able to find jobs becasue of the hike in the minimum wage?

  2. I would ask them how many miles per gallon that bus gets, and whether or not their greed for money justifies their large carbon footprint.

  3. To balance out the fake KKK support for Trump in Nevada, perhaps some KKK supporters could ally themselves with Cuomo too.

  4. Looking through the Fight for $15 and Cuomo's websites they dont have a schedule posted anywhere so basically I have to check the local papers and news sites that report Cuomo being in the area