Monday, February 15, 2016

In Defense of Robin Meade's $100,000 Toilet (Proof there is no sex-based wage gap)

Up until 5 minutes ago, I had no idea who Robin Meade was.

After doing some googling, I have discovered she is an anchor for CNN Headline News,

Although I do watch CNN occasionally, I hardly ever watch CNN Headline news. But others do, and apparently Meade has developed a following (Possibly because of her leg crossing style?).

Because she has developed a following, she is valuable to CNN and thus she has demanded her own private toile. CNN has obliged.

This is apparently not sitting well with other CNN staffers, who don't read the news the way Meade does nor cross their legs Meade style.

NyPo reports:
CNN staffers are hopping mad that bosses are building anchor Robin Meade an expensive private toilet while employees are being laid off at their Atlanta headquarters.
HLN anchor Meade has demanded a loo and a sink in her office at Atlanta’s CNN Center, and, according to internal e-mails, the lavish latrine could cost up to $100,000.

But the malodorous move has been met with fury by CNN International staffers who have been told to reapply for their jobs.

An insider said: “Staff have been told there will be least 40 layoffs at the CNN International assignment desk. All desk editors have 30 days to reapply for their jobs. They want to move some of those jobs to Hong Kong and London. But just a year ago, they laid off those same positions in London and Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Robin is getting a new, $100,000 luxury latrine.”

Staff are buzzing CNN is slowly moving out of Atlanta and eventually plans to move its entire operation to Hudson Yards in Manhattan. “Jeff Zucker [president of CNN Worldwide] wants CNN out of Atlanta and completely in New York,” our source added.
It's all about supply and demand and marginal revenue product. If some television viewers want a certain leg crossing style in some of their anchors, and such a leg crossing anchor develops a strong following, she will be able to demand high pay and lots of perks.

Just another example of how women are not discriminated against wage wise in the marketplace. If you generate high marginal revenue product, you will be well paid and get plenty of perks.



  1. I haven't seen Robin in years. It looks like she's had a boob job, no? And, her voice is raspier than I remember.

  2. I agree about the voice. My suspicion is that she is a light smoker, which she should stop immediately. Smoking wreaks havoc on women's attractiveness score.

  3. Anyone who lives or works in atlanta deserves all the perks & pity they can garner. I was there in atlanta two days ago and yikes... what an absolute dump/ghetto it is. No thanks, for sure! Be armed up if you must be there, especially at night.