Friday, February 19, 2016

Krugman Attacks Sanders, Again

This is the third attack on Bernie Sanders by Paul Krugman in the last 48 hours.

He writes:
Matthew Yglesias says that the Sanders campaign won’t care about the warnings from top Democratic economists that its numbers are nonsense, and that it doesn’t need to care. That may or may not be true — my guess is that making growth claims that are even more outlandish than those of the Republicans, and having made it impossible for progressive policy experts to offer a full-throated defense of your position, would do more harm in a general election than he imagines....

So I hope that the Sanders campaign doesn’t just brush off this criticism as the “establishment” doing its corrupt thing, and realizes that it really is in danger of losing not just an election but an important part of what it should be standing for.

Sanders should be attacked, so I don't mind this at all.


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  1. its also magnificent that the democratic apperatchiks are just as unhappy as their Republiucan enemies.