Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This Map Will Change the Way You See the US Economy

This animated map, created by Metrocosm, shows the proportion of GDP coming from each metro area. California, Chicago and the north-eastern area of the country all contribute heavily towards the US economy in comparison with other areas.

Large metropolitan areas contribute a disproportionately large share of total GDP compared with more rural areas, particularly the heartland and mountain regions.

(via World Economic Forum)


  1. Shouldn't greater DC be an economic sink?
    It has no significant productive industry to speak of, just government.

  2. Gross Domestic "Product" implies these areas actually produce something when in reality, they are simply the centers of influence closest to the issuance of debt, the printing of money, and the financialization of the economy with a bit of energy, tech and entertainment thrown in to confuse the sheeple.

    1. Nailed it!

      And when 4 trillion of 'essential' government faux 'goods' and services are included in GDP, it is not hard to predict where the majority of that money goes......To the highest concentration of where the sheeple voters are.