Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bombs Explode in Brussells; Airport, Subway --At Least 34 Dead, 170 Injured

Via Drudge:
Suicide bomber attacks AMERICAN AIRLINES check-in desk at Brussels Airport...Blast hits Metro station just yards from EU headquarters...'Shouts in Arabic' before explosion...More troops deployed to streets...City Shut Down...Phone Users Urged to Text Not Call as Networks Jammed...'Shocking' Unpreparedness...Terrorists 'remain at large'...'Just blood -- like apocalypse'...ISIS Celebrates...'The whole of Europe has been hit': Hollande...DELTA, UNITED reroute flights... Belgium 'beefs up security' at nuclear plants...Royal Palace evacuated... 

Did I mention that government protection is largely a myth?


Latest count: At least 30 killed, 230 injured.


  1. I saw that NBC offered both Trump and Clinton some rope to hang themselves with on their morning broadcast. Clinton declined while Trump of course took the rope and proceeded to hang himself. And in typical Trump fashion when the interview was over, he took the rope of his neck and gave it back to the media hosts while walking away unscathed.

  2. Patrick Cockburn, brother of the late lefty Alexander Cockburn, is sounding like Ron Paul explaining how the "terrorists" naturally flow from the wars.


    1. Although some of these evil people's actions are triggered by blowback, I doubt that all are. The conflict between Islam and the West predates events in our lifetimes. Even if the West ended its interventionist policies tomorrow it seems obvious to me that the events will continue. More action is required to keep us safe unfortunately.

      Some are motivated by jihad and some are purposeless and evil. E.g. the woman who shouted "help me" to the police and then blew herself up in Paris in November 'converted' to Islam 6 months before hand (according to her brother) and had never read the Koran or visited a mosque.

    2. The Middle East needed AnCap, not war. Different ethnic and religious groups could live in different neighborhoods. AnCap at home means vetted visitors.

      We gave them "social democracy" where the winners of the election control most of the assets of society. That is a sure-fire method to attain ethnic strife and ethnic slaughter (as I learned from Rabushka and Shepsle in 1973).


      "Progressive" ideas have horrible consequences.

    3. There are plenty of islamic democratic countries like Pakistan that are still hellholes. If not democracy, there would be islamo-feudalism like what had been the case. Anyway, your point is right in that how they live and or die is their problem, not ours. The west was at the intersection of unique cultural, biological (intelligence) and religious environments that were uniquely conducive to liberty and freedom. Anarchy doesn't just mean that somalia and afghanistan will immediately be transformed into Switzerland.

  3. Although I am sure the vast majority of Muslims in the West abhor mass murder and fear revenge attacks on themselves, there is obviously a subset who support bombings. I don't know what the percentages are - it might be 80-20. By support I mean providing money and logistics, having valuable knowledge and remaining silent, or expressing approval in discussions with friends and children. The supporters should be expelled. How can we quickly identify the supporters?