Monday, March 28, 2016

Damn, Warren Buffett Shows Up in Cuba

Gary North asks the right questions and nails it:
On Friday, the Rolling Stones became the first famous Western rock & roll group ever to play in Havana. It was a free concert.
Mick Jagger scheduled the performance a few months ago. Did he coordinate this with the White House? Probably the other way around. No one refers to Mick Jagger as a lame duck . . . or lame anything else.
“President Obama opens for the Rolling Stones.”
As Jagger said — in Spanish — times are changing.
The crowd was around 500,000. Big.
The concert was bizarre. All of their concerts are bizarre. They are bizarre. But the word “bizarre” does not quite convey the true absurdity of the event.
First, among the VIPs was Warren Buffett. That man never misses an opportunity — a trait he shares with Jagger. The biggest real estate boom on earth is about to begin in Cuba. How much Havana beachfront property is he buying? How many factories to be torn down and replaced? Or did he come just to see a bunch of kids on stage?


  1. I'm not sure what North's point or complaint is here. Is it that the whole event is wrong only because he speculates Obama was responsible? I'm as anti-govt as anyone, but this just makes you look silly. And claiming that R.S. concerts are bizarre makes you look like a an ultra-conservative old geezer. If you want to protest something relative to Cuba, it should be directed toward the governments that put and held the embargo in place for so long.

    1. Agreed. I even listed to some of the live track and, while expecting a train wreck, it sounded pretty good for 70+ year old rock-n-rollers. Maybe Mr. North objects to the typical tongue in cheek 40 year old Stones lyrical content.

  2. Buffett probably went to tell the Cubans they don't pay enough taxes.

  3. All I want to know is: did Castro walk out on to the stage while they were playing "sympathy for the devil".