Monday, March 28, 2016

European Council Meeting Postponed Because of Brexit Vote

The European Council's annual June meeting will be delayed four days to June 27 to avoid coinciding with the June 23 British referendum on whether to leave the European Union, according to high-level sources, Reuters reports.

Britain is not part of the Schengen Agreement on open borders, but the recent Britain attacks will certainly have an impact on the vote.

Polls are close but swinging toward a British exit from the EU. Prime Minister David Cameron has stated that his biggest concern was low voter turnout for the “in” campaign.

Votes aginst the one world order are almost always a good thing. A country can always keep its borders open for trade while ignoring the crony one world order regulations.


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  1. The EU is also highly interventionist. I think leaving would be a good move. If I was British, I'd definitely vote to kick the Eurocrats to the curb.