Thursday, March 3, 2016

It's Getting Real Bad in Venezuela: Severe Water Rationing

This is what happens when you mix hyper-inflation, socialism and price controls.

Breitbart reports:
Residents of Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, had no access to drinking water this past weekend, allegedly due to a “maintenance” project aimed at keeping water levels high through the annual drought season. The capital’s woes have shed a spotlight on what is becoming a nationwide crisis fueling widespread unrest in the nation’s more remote states.

Spanish newswire service EFE reported that an estimated three million people went without drinking water this weekend in Caracas, allegedly as a result of “maintenance” work done by the state-run utility Hidrocapital on the nation’s pipelines. Hidrocapital cut the water supply to the capital, according to Venezuelan government television, as part of “actions promoted by the Bolivarian government to guarantee the potable water supply of the population, in response to the current drought.” The government alleged that hospitals and health centers were exempt from having their water supplies cut, and the water supply should return by the end of Sunday to all districts of the city.

EFE notes, however, that this incident is not the first of its kind in Caracas. Water Minister Ernesto Paiva warned earlier this month that the dams used to provide electricity to Caracas were mostly empty, threatening to leave the city without both water and electricity. Periodical suspensions of running water have been occuring all month....

In far west Mérida state, journalists report a “severe rationing” of water in addition to “unannounced electricity cuts.” One city boasts at least 350 families without reliable access to drinking water.

In Venezuela, they need to desperately read: Dear Fellow Health Club Member, Please Leave Me the Hell Alone.


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